Where Do You Go To Get Dentures?

When it comes to dentures or other artificial teeth you want to shop around and find the best place to get them.  Most dentists will use a specific lab or company to have the teeth produced while others will use an in-house lab.  So, where are the best dental implants charleston?

3D Printing

One of the newest techniques that you can use is 3D Printing. This technology will allow you to have custom made and custom fit dentures. The price on these is a little more expensive than other denture products but they will typically give you the best results.

Removable or implanted dentures

The next thing that you want to consider is if you are going to get implanted dentures ore are you going to get dentures that are removable.  With removable dentures you will use a compound that will create a vacuum seal between the dentures and your gums.  These are typically less expensive but will require you to do more work on maintaining them.

Implanted dentures

The next option is to have implanted dentures.  These dentures are installed into your mouth by first removing all of your original teeth and installing a denture plate.  This denture plate will then hold all of your teeth in place.  For those looking for a more realistic and maintenance free approach, then these are the options you should consider.  However, there will be a longer production and implant time since you will need to wait for each phase of the process to heal.

Do your research

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You want to take your time and do your research.  There are many different options out there for you to choose from and each person will be different.  After doing your research talk to your dentist and see what they feel will give you the best results.